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So you picked out your weekend destination - but now you have no clue what to do. WE GOT YOU! Destination Scottsdale (by Scottsdale Bachelorette) is your #1 Travel Concierge for any celebration - offering pre-arrival decorating, kitchen stocking, luggage storage, at-home experiences, excursions, and more.

Our mission is to take the hard work out of executing the perfect destination getaway weekend so that you can plan less and celebrate more.

Whether you're celebrating a special birthday, bachelor party, girls' weekend, family reunion, or something else - we can help!

Scottsdale Bachelorette Cactus
Scottsdale Bachelorette Team

If you're coming to Scottsdale for a birthday party, bachelor party, golf weekend, girls' trip, or ANY celebration, you've just found the perfect place.

I started a company called Scottsdale Bachelorette in 2018 with one mission: to take the hard work out of planning and executing the perfect bachelorette weekend so our clients can plan less and party more 🎉.​ After helping thousands of groups, we're expanding our services to ALL groups traveling to Scottsdale for ANY celebration under a new name: Destination Scottsdale.

We've curated the most incredible decorating packages along with the best services and experience providers so that you can literally walk into your Airbnb and have everything done for you without ever having to lift a finger.

We look forward to helping make your weekend in Scottsdale more amazing and less stressful than doing it on your own.

Casey Hohman

Owner and Founder




"100% recommend!!! They did such a great job setting up everything. Very accommodating, friendly and prompt. Came and cleaned everything up for us at the time of checkout. Not having to worry about all the decorating was the best decision. Worth every penny!" - Tessa O

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